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    What is IP rating?2014/10/31

    IPxx: The first "x" represents dust-proof rating; The second "x" represents waterproof rating.

    Dust-proof rating:

     no protection

     protect against big solid intrusion

     protect against middle solid intrusion

     protect against small solid intrusion

     protect against  >1mm solid intrusion

     protect against the accumulation of harmful dust

    6 No dust intrusion

    Waterproof rating:

    0 no protection

    1 protect against dripping water

    2 protect against dripping water when case slope to 15 degree

    3 protect against dripping water or rain when case slope to 60 degree

    4 protect against liquid which pour from all directions

    5 protect against when use water flush

    6 can be used for the cabin environment

    7 protect against the effects of temporary immersion(1 minutes)

    8 protect against long periods of immersion under pressure 

    Most indoor used LED drivers are IP20 rating, and outdoor used LED drivers are IP67 rating.